Introducing Wilbur Labs Founder FAQ

Introducing Wilbur Labs Founder FAQ

Today, we’re launching the Wilbur Labs Founder FAQ series, where we’ll be posting a video on YouTube every week to share actionable insights and help founders start and grow successful businesses.

We’ve learned a lot from building and investing in 21 businesses since we got started in 2016. Every day, we are working alongside founders and their teams to build and scale companies – from high-level strategy, down to the lowest levels of execution. Today, our companies are part of daily life and have helped hundreds of millions of people travel the world, find a job, order everyday essentials, take care of their pets, sign up for the right insurance plan, among other things.

Entrepreneurs and founders frequently reach out to ask us questions about starting a business. A lot of the same questions come up frequently and are exact situations we have faced over and over again as we build businesses. Many are questions where we have unique insights that can impact the trajectory of the founders we are speaking with. In this series, we’re going to be answering all these FAQs. We will talk about key topics like: when to launch your product, how to think about funding, how to plan and manage your company during an economic downturn, how startups can beat incumbents, and more.

We believe that entrepreneurs are foundational to modern economies. They solve problems, create jobs, build communities and drive positive impact for people all over the world. We want to help empower the next generation of founders and their companies as they tackle some of the challenges people are facing now.

This series is for anyone who aspires to launch their own company; for current founders facing challenges and who are looking to get to the next level, and for anyone who is interested in how we build and scale companies at Wilbur Labs. This is the series we wish we had seven years ago, before we got started.

If you have questions of your own, add them in the comments on YouTube! We will be checking the comments regularly and doing our best to address common questions that come up along the way.

Check out our first ten videos below.

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