Vitabox Delivers on Essentials

Vitabox Delivers on Essentials

Today’s online shopping landscape is remarkably complex. There are an overwhelming amount of options available for shoppers, yet it is still very challenging to find the right product at a low price. Retailers struggle to keep up with customer needs and maintain inventory for popular products, all while offering the best possible prices. While ecommerce growth has added convenience, enabling shopping for nearly anything from anywhere, it has also led to a growing number of pain points for consumers – especially for those buying daily essentials.

When it comes to daily health essentials, waiting weeks, or paying higher prices is not an option for most consumers. Shoppers often need their orders delivered urgently, and can’t afford to pay higher than what they have come to expect. The future of shopping online for everyday essentials should be seamless, but the reality is that buying essential items online has become more expensive, stressful, and difficult than it should be. Shoppers can spend hours looking around for one simple purchase, and are rarely offered any rewards or benefits for their shopping loyalty.

Consumers need more reliable, low-cost ways to find what they’re looking for, which is why we are excited to share how Vitabox is building the best essentials shopping experience.

Meet Vitabox

Vitabox is making shopping for everyday essentials more convenient and rewarding. Vitabox sources the highest quality products, leverages technology and automation to list everything at the lowest possible price, while offering loyal customers more rewards than anywhere else.

Vitabox averages over 98% customer satisfaction because customers know their favorite items are always in-stock and listed at the lowest available price. This is only possible because the team reimagined the supply and distribution process. By building proprietary technology that manages both product data and distribution, Vitabox has been able to reduce overhead, offer lower prices, and keep popular products readily available.

Customer loyalty is one of the most important factors for any online business, yet most online storefronts offer no benefits for returning customers. Vitabox built an industry-first rewards program called Vitabox Rewards, which is completely free and provides loyal customers exclusive savings and benefits. In addition to free returns, free shipping on larger orders, and 24/7 access to a Vitabox Support Specialist, Vitabox Rewards customers also get 10% back on every purchase made on This credit is then automatically applied to any repeat purchases for simplified savings and lower shopping cart totals.

Since the beginning, Vitabox has focused on partnering with the world’s leading brands and products, currently offering more than 8,500 different products for sale. The team has also expanded distribution to new marketplaces and consumer shopping destinations so customers can enjoy Vitabox's low prices even when shopping on any leading marketplace.

Vitabox was created to change how people shop online. Only two years after launching out of Wilbur Labs, the team is already improving the customer shopping experience for shoppers all across the country.

More Essential Than Ever

The importance of delivering everyday essentials became more critical than ever when the global pandemic shifted customer needs overnight. Ecommerce experienced five years of growth in just five weeks, and customers needed reliable ways to get their daily essentials.

The team at Vitabox took quick action in order to better serve customers and lend aid to those who needed it most by focusing on several key initiatives:

  • Developing new automation technology to onboard high-demand necessities like disinfectants, cleaning supplies, and other health essentials as quickly as possible.
  • Expanding fulfillment and shipping operations to seven days per week, to ensure customers receive essential items faster, whenever they need them.
  • Introducing several new suppliers and working tirelessly with existing suppliers to ensure high inventory levels for all essential items.
  • Donating 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, along with disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies to local hospitals, food banks, and homeless support groups.
  • Shipping disinfectant wipes and other key supplies overnight to COVID-19 testing centers throughout California.

Not everyone can be on the frontlines, but Vitabox’s innovations have helped record numbers of customers impacted by COVID-19 by making it easy to get hard-to-find products when they have needed them most.

What’s Next

We are excited to announce that Wilbur Labs recently increased our investment in Vitabox to double down on all the outsized progress to date. This additional funding will accelerate Vitabox’s growth by focusing on a few key areas.

First, Vitabox will expand the number of new brands and products on the Vitabox platform. By partnering with new and emerging brands, while leveraging advanced distribution technology, Vitabox will remain a one-stop destination to buy everyday essentials while introducing shoppers to new brands they will love.

Second, the team at Vitabox will introduce new technology and additional distribution channels to build an even faster shopping experience for all customers. Vitabox recognizes the importance and urgency of shopping for essential everyday items and is committed to delivering them to your door quickly and reliably.

Third, Vitabox is growing its team to meet this unprecedented customer demand. While automation and technology are helping pass efficiencies to customers, nothing would be possible without the incredible Vitabox team. Over the last year, Vitabox welcomed new team members to oversee strategic growth and operations, tripled the fulfillment team, and will continue to build out the leadership and operational teams.

This is just the beginning. In the months ahead, the Vitabox team will continue to work tirelessly to deliver on their mission of building the best essentials shopping experience. We couldn’t be more excited about their ambitious roadmap, and for what comes next.

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